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Unremembered - When I first heard about Unremembered, I knew it was a mystery I wanted to get to the bottom of – and I was not disappointed. Right away, you are thrust into a curious, almost hopeless-feeling predicament: this girl survived a deadly plane crash without a scratch, and without ANY memory of ANYTHING. I mean, WHAT?I loved the way her story unfolded: piece by piece, with new clues that were little mysteries in themselves. I found Sera’s narration to be believable, amusing, and enjoyable. The extent of things she didn’t remember was surprising, and so I found myself giggling at her elation over a grilled cheese sandwich or her eagerness to “go to” the internet. By far, my favorite part about Unremembered was Seraphina’s determination to find herself, to answer the questions plaguing her, and her interaction with the other characters. Thoroughly satisfying!As I was reading, the story often felt familiar, reminding me of other books, movies, and TV shows that I enjoy. I’ve seen other reviewers chalk this up to “been there, done that” but I have to fervently disagree. Unremembered was surprisingly more sci-fi than I anticipated, but all of the elements worked well together and were very satisfying to read about. I would have liked to have learned more about some of the technologies, but I’m hoping they’ll be explained more in the sequel.And the romance. Oh! I adored it. It was so sweet, and so artfully done, that I just could have cried. That is one piece of Unremembered that sets it apart from other similar books. Maybe I’m just a sap, but… Oh, and I don’t want to ruin the mystery of this story. Jessica Brody did such a great job with this romance, in my opinion. It is definitely one of my favorites from any YA book!In conclusion, Unremembered was a satisfying, memorable (wink-wink) sci-fi mystery. I definitely want to read more. And I definitely recommend, especially if you are a fan of books like False Memory by Dan Krokos, Origin by Jessica Khoury, or Beta by Rachel Cohn.[More reviews and other fun book stuff at Another Novel Read.]