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Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles)

Poison Princess - Kresley Cole I wanted to read Poison Princess because of the tarot aspects of the world. Kresley Cole’s interpretation of the Major Arcana as people is pretty interesting and generally satisfying. I was slightly dismayed that the person representing The Fool is autistic, but overall that character is interesting and important to the plot.Evie was not my favorite main character from the beginning; mostly I was intrigued by the visions she has and her struggles with learning who she is (The Empress), but I did not especially like her as a person. Her relationship with Jackson is pretty annoying, in my opinion. Although he seems loyal, he is pursuing her purely for her looks, and seems willing to withstand anything for a chance to have sex with her one day. Jack constantly gripes about how useless she is (and she agrees, and does nothing to change this), yet both of them seem mesmerized by the idea of him “owning” her eventually. Not really my type of guy or relationship.I liked some of the storytelling, and the tarot world intrigued me, but I wasn’t very fond of any of the characters in this book.