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Scarlet - Now, I absolutely LOVED Cinder, so as soon as I knew that ARCs for Scarlet were out in the wild, I entered every giveaway and contest I could find. It’s such a slim chance that one wins any giveaway online, so I was absolutely astounded when I got an email from Merrie DeStefano telling me I’d won an ARC of Scarlet on her blog! (You have no idea, the excited fangirl reply I sent her.) I am so, so happy to have gotten a chance to read Scarlet so early.Often while reading, I check my page number and try to calculate what percentage of the way through I’ve gotten – all in anticipation of finishing the book. As I was reading Scarlet, I noticed something different happening. I was still checking my page number and calculating a percentage, but it was in fear that I was approaching the end too quickly! For, you see, by page 86 I was so deep in that I knew I never wanted it to end. Such is the magic that Marissa Meyer weaves with every successive word.I have to admit that in the beginning I was wary, because all I wanted was more Cinder, but there was going to be this Scarlet chick taking up a lot of space in this book. Seriously, I was worrying for nothing. Scarlet is a charming character; a girl who is self-sufficient, caring, and willing to work for what she wants and what she feels is right. I wasn’t too interested in her missing grandmother at first, but once things got rolling with Wolf and we learned more about the entire situation, I was hooked so hard. Wolf is mysterious, but so gentle and seemingly forthright that it made him hard to resist.The book switches back and forth between Scarlet and Cinder (and sometimes hands us a snippet of Emperor Kai, too), and the flow felt natural and enjoyable. Cinder is as handy and independent as ever, but I’ll try to keep this spoiler free when I say: OMG SHE IS THE COOLEST CYBORG EVER. Though Iko does make an appearance later in the book, in the beginning we (and Cinder) have to contend with Captain Thorne. He’s a handsome, yet annoying, yet helpful and enduring secondary character. I truly wonder where his place will be in the overall arc of The Lunar Chronicles.The threats in Scarlet are much more serious than those found in Cinder, which really amped the overall tension. Not only is Cinder a fugitive, but there are may other factors affecting her escape and her search for answers. While Scarlet thinks she is safe with Wolf, she knows that her grandmother is in danger and that she’s putting herself in danger by attempting a rescue. Queen Levana is just lashing out at everyone and introduces some scary, unexpected weapons. And all of this is happening at the SAME TIME, you guys.This is what I kept thinking as I read Scarlet: “So much is happening in this book!” “What is UP with this Wolf guy?” “This book is so awesome, I don’t want it to ever be over!” “Cinder is so freaking COOL!”I rated Scarlet 5 stars because it exceeded my expectations, and because Marissa Meyer has achieved something with her writing that I haven’t ever read, aside from her books. When I read The Lunar Chronicles, I feel like I’m watching an anime. How does she DO THAT? I don’t know. All I know is that I love-love-love it and I want more, more, more.[More reviews and other bookish things at Another Novel Read.]