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Wish You Well

Wish You Well - David Baldacci This one was a book club pick, chosen by my friend’s aunt. David Baldacci is her favorite author and she just loves this book, so I was at least optimistic about reading it. It was a pretty easy read, but overall I was rather blasé (as my mom would say) about it. I liked that Lou had spunk, and I have to admit that I could relate to her basic agnosticism or whatever. I don’t know, I think the book just… not very much happened, really. And then the “miracle” that happened in the end was so cliche and so… utterly typical-slash-boring… and they didn’t even try to explain it or have it make any kind of sense. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. Like, maybe I would have enjoyed this more when I was a kid, Lou’s age, but no. Not anymore. Blah.