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Flight - Lindsay Leggett I found out about this book due to the book blitz hosted by Xpresso Reads, and I’m so glad I did! Not only was I intrigued by the gorgeous cover, but the blurb truly caught my attention with the mention of harpies. So you can imagine my excitement when I won a copy of it in a giveaway!I do tend to approach indie / self-published books with a bit of trepidation, but my fears were not manifested with Flight — thank goodness! What I got was a fun, vivid story. I loved how visual this book was, and how clearly I was able to picture the people and the surroundings. It was so much fun reading about how Piper was a badass with fighting, weaponry, and harpy hunting!I enjoyed the way that many of the relationships grew, changed, or were just further explained as the story went on. I liked Piper as a person and as a character. Some of the plot “surprises” were pretty predictable, in my opinion, but that didn’t really stop me from enjoying the story. And while I liked this book, there were a few things that I wanted more of:1. I wanted a lot more explanation of how they came to be in the current situation. (What made the air above ground unbreatheable?)2. I wanted to know the origin of the harpies! Where did they come from? How were they created? (They’re different from other harpies I’ve seen in games and stuff.)3. I wanted more story in general. I think it was on the short side.So, I’m hoping that these things will be rectified with the second book in the series. In any case, this was quite an enjoyable read, and I definitely recommend it![Reviews and more at Another Novel Read!]