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Origin - Jessica Khoury Initially, I was intrigued by the premise of this book, and overall it was a satisfying read. The setting was vibrant, interesting, mysterious, and quite tangible. I could smell the flowers and hear the thunder and feel the cool glass walls of Pia’s home in Little Cam.Pia was likewise vibrant; a smart girl loaded with curiosity. Her family of scientists continually told her she was perfect and did their best to keep her in line, doing the things that THEY wanted her to do. I loved that Pia both tried her best to please them, but also held true to her own personal convictions throughout the book.I loved this story and I enjoyed the way each character – and the relationships – developed. My main complaint is that there are some plot devices which just did not make sense. I know, it’s fantasy, but people behaving as scientists just would NOT do some of the things that were done in this book. Had these things been better planned, I probably would bump my review up another star.Why would you mix your own, human blood when you're genetically altering ants who eat things? It was an "accident" but he knew it happened and still continued, instead of starting fresh! And if drinking the nectar of the flower is toxic, WHY ON EARTH would you toss the whole lot of those flowers into the RIVER that people (and animals) DRINK FROM? This made absolutely NO sense to me. My first thought was that they were obviously going to burn the flowers, and I was SHOCKED when they threw them in the effing RIVER. Even so, I really liked the book and recommend it to everyone.