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The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity

The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity - Wm. Paul Young, Brad Cummings, Wayne Jacobsen The problem I have with religious novels is that too often they read like parables, and just feel contrived. Unfortunately, this one was no exception. Since I'm not religious, one might think I am being too hard on this book because I am biased; which may be part of it, but I still tried to read it with an open mind.Almost a hundred pages into the book, it finally starts picking up and gets to the meat of the story. I understand the need for back story, but I think it could have been told with less fluff and gotten to the important bits faster. The overall message was a good one, and I think that if you are a Christian, this is a good book to read. It goes in line with what I was taught growing up in church, and breaks down a lot of the myths surrounding God that probably scare people away. There are some nice concepts in here, but I will probably never pick up this book again.