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Narcolepsy: A Funny Disorder That's No Laughing Matter

Narcolepsy: A Funny Disorder That's No Laughing Matter - Marguerite J. Utley This book, which seems to be the most complete and comprehensive text on narcolepsy, was difficult to pin down. I had to order it from an online seller, and after the first one canceled on me, I had to order from a second online seller! This book turned out to be a lot smaller and shorter than I was expecting it to be, but overall I was pretty satisfied with its contents. It is indeed the most thorough and comprehensive text on narcolepsy that I have been able to find anywhere. It not only describes the symptoms, but explains them, and gives personal accounts of experience with each of them. I found it to be easy to read and very helpful in my quest for understanding this disorder. After reading it, do I still feel as though I could have narcolepsy? Yes, I do. Although, not to the extent that Utley has it (which I am happy about).