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Strange Soul Mates: A Short Story

Strange Soul Mates: A Short Story - C.L. Gordon The idea of soul mates, and becoming connected to another person on a deeper level, has long been a fascinating topic for me; so when I read the synopsis for this short story, I was very intrigued. This is a short tale, and while I think there is a lot to be explored on the topic, I felt that C. L. Gordon did a great job here. I was impressed by how well the characters and their situation was expressed and developed with such brevity. I was left with questions at the end, and my feelings about each person involved are still unsettled, but I think that was the intention and it works really well for me in this instance. I think a short story should leave one still wondering, still curious about the people involved. I'll definitely be on the look-out for more by this author in the future.