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False Sight (False Novel)

False Sight (False Novel, A) - Dan Krokos Remember when I read False Memory in one sitting? Yes, well, the same thing happened to me with False Sight. I picked up the book and started reading, and before I knew it I was approaching the end! What is it about the False Memory series -- no, what is it about Dan Krokos's writing -- that makes me gobble down the books without stopping?I swear, it's like he's got this formula down and knows how to pull the strings to keep my eyes on the pages. The book starts with an uncomfortable, somewhat urgent mystery, and even though the initial setting in False Sight was unfamiliar, I was very quickly brought around to the OMG phase that got me hooked. There is lots of action, and I was often left breathless trying to keep up, dying to see where Miranda and the others would end up (and what awaited them when they got there). The narration is familiar, comfortable, and interesting. Miranda feels like she could be one of my friends. She's curious, strong, and willing to fight for what she wants and believes. There were surprises awaiting me around so many corners. I love that every time I got comfortable with the lore and technology in the world, something new popped up. I still can't get over how cool it is that their suits are magnetic and she can just stick her sword on her back!Look, I don't really know if this even counts as a review or just me listing the reasons I loved this book. The point is, False Sight was an excellent follow-up to False Memory and I was truly impressed by the increase in scale here. Things became even more urgent, the conflicts grew much bigger than I expected, the technology got even more awesome, and I was even more caught up in it all than I thought I would be.The Planet Thieves may have turned me into a Dan Krokos fan, but False Sight has confirmed that with great accord.[NOTE: I read this book as an ARC, borrowed from my sister, who receives many, many awesome things in her mailbox.]