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Finnikin of the Rock

Finnikin of the Rock  - Melina Marchetta So, this book. Goodreads has been recommending it to me for at least a year, but every time I looked at it, I just didn't feel a spark of interest. After seeing so many bloggers and reviewers fawning over the series and the author, however, I decided it was about time I gave this book a try. After all, I love fantasy novels, so this should be right up my alley! Right?Well. Okay, I'm going to do it this way. Here are a few statements about me and Finnikin of the Rock: While I enjoyed the story, I kept waiting for it to get amazing, and it never really did. It was often slightly interesting and slightly boring at the same time. I had a lot of trouble connecting with any of the characters. Finnikin: He reminded me a lot of Eragon, which I admit was a turnoff. I did not understand some of his motivations. Evanjalin: I liked her at first, then disliked her due to some *reasons*, then ended up kinda understanding her a bit more but still not entirely liking her. I did not understand a lot of her choices. Sir Topher: I liked him as a mentor for Finnikin, but he often got pushed to the sidelines and forgotten about, at least for me. Trevanion: Overall, fine, but I never got to know him that well. Kinda like Sir Topher. The most interesting part was Evanjalin and her sleepwalking (which did not take up enough of the plot, as far as I'm concerned). I did appreciate the strong bonds between Finnikin and several other characters. I still do not understand why everyone became so protective of, and endeared to, *the thief* (ahem, trying to avoid spoilers).In the end, I came out feeling pretty neutral about this book. It wasn't a grueling or torturous read, but it wasn't especially engaging, either. I do want to read the next book in the series, but I'm not even sure why exactly. I'm hoping it will give me more insight, more action, and more explanation about the characters and their motivations.[Reviews and more at Another Novel Read!]