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Hidden (House of Night, #10)

Hidden (House of Night, #10) - P.C. Cast,  Kristin Cast Look, I mean, at this point, I just need to know what happens in this series. In Hidden, Zoey and her “nerd herd” are continuing their quest to get rid of Neferet and try to have some kind of normal, happy life at their House of Night. Neferet is up to her usual self-centered trickery, only this time they’re going to pull some tricks on her! The pace was quick and some kind of crazy rap was always happening — as is usual with the books in this series. I am really liking the way they’re going with Aurox, and his parts were my favorite throughout the book. This character actually has some depth and I’m interested to see his development. Some interesting alliances have been made, and some pretty great plans have been set in motion. Oh, I’m also really liking the new girl who can see people’s auras. She and Aurox are pretty much the best parts of this book, in my opinion.