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The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel - David Wroblewski This was my reading assignment for book club this month. I was less than thrilled when an almost-600-page book was chosen, but I decided to just go with it and try to enjoy the book. She chose it because of all the rave reviews it’s gotten, being called a modern classic. Let me tell you, this book started off slow and kind of confusing, but when Edgar Sawtelle finally entered the picture, I became much more interested. The description, I think, was somewhat misleading, because this book is really about Edgar and how he relates to people — and mostly dogs — throughout his life. The journey he goes on doesn’t happen until pretty late in the book, and by then I was thoroughly entrenched in his story. I liked it, and I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the relationships that Edgar had with all of the dogs. It was slow, yet enjoyable reading, despite the overall shitty circumstances throughout most of the book. The ending was kind of bittersweet for me, but by then I knew: this is Edgar’s story, and somebody needed to read it.